Dane Cook Netflix movie rentals.

For some reason, the Dane Cook DVDs from Netflix are really better than the ones from Blockbuster. I think Blockbuster does something to make them play slower? Not really sure. Usually, I’d be giving Dane a five on the Hate Rate scale, but Netflix seems to make him a little more acceptable. So next time, I think you try Netflix. Blockbuster’s just aren’t as good, I mean for Dane Cook DVDs.

Hate rate: 4 out of 5: n n n n n

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Picking the best SONY digital camera.

I really think Canon is not that great of a digital camera. I mean, I’m sure it takes a decent picture, it’s just that I hate their commercials. They have that talking French dog with Maria Sharapova. That’s about the only good thing in the commercial, (her, not the dog). So if you hate French dogs then you probably won’t like Canon cameras. SONY® would be better because SONY® makes music stuff and cameras too.

Hate rate: 3 out of 5: n n n n n

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