Why didn’t A&W do this?

Go to the Dewmocracy site and play their video game. You could end up winning a chance to design a new flavor of Mt. Dew. A&W would never do anything like that. (Okay, the flavor of the root beer would change and then it wouldn’t really be root beer anymore, but that’s not the point.) Plus, I stopped drinking root beer a long time ago after that article came out. And what is root anyway?

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Why I hate Radio Shack.

Because I went into one of their stores the other day to get a battery for my camera. The guy with the pocket protector asked which one and I showed him. They didn’t have it so I left and went to CVS instead. What a difference. It’s almost like they were my friends there.

CVS-your friend.” I like that more than the line they iuse now. So yeah, forget Radio Shack. Go to CVS instead.

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